Monday, December 29, 2014

A few questions answered -

YES-  We are a participants only event. We do not allow spectators
NO-  If you register, your registration fees do NOT cover you inviting friends to come use  the ring.
NO - You do not have to enter a tournament.  Many of our regulars have never entered a tournament
NO - You may not register a specific time to use the ring.  The ring is available to everyone when ever the venue is open.
YES - The ring may be used for any style of wrestling, not just pro, as well as MMA and Boxing matches
NO - The Clash is most definitely not a Pro only event
NO -  The venue is not available for after hours private matches or parties.
NO - You need never have your picture taken or your matches filmed at Clash.  Your privacy in  sacrosanct to us.
YES - You must sign a waiver - you participate at Clash at your own risk
YES - Boxing is encouraged at Clash
NO - We do not match make (with the exception of tournament matches)

If you have any questions  - just ask.

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