Tuesday, February 3, 2015

MAY 28-31 in Atlanta

I think I will take this time  to answer a few questions about CLASH  that are being asked-

1 - If you choose not to pay your incredibly low registration fees by pay pal - we will accept a money order - just tell us when you register via email at clashevent@yahoo.com.

2 - There is not a host hotel for Clash.  Once you register we do have a short list of motels that the wrestlers have stayed in at past events.

3 - We do not match make, that is up to the guys.  It is incredibly easy to meet wrestlers you want to wrestle at the site. If you do not approach them, they will approach you.  There are no "wall flowers" at a Clash.

4 - Your registration fees cover the use of the ring and mats as well as all scheduled events.  We do not allow guys to use the ring after the venue closes for private reasons, nor can you reserve ring time during the day.

5 - Tournaments are optional.  Many of the regulars have never entered a tournament.

If you have any questions - just ask!!

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