Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just returned home from Clash #19 - and what a great year it was!!!  Both Pro tournaments were incredible, both the pro and the sub seminars were full of incredible and helpful tips and, quite honestly the submission tournament was the best in the history of the Clash

Here is a list of the award winners - in the days to come more will be posted on each individual award and all of the actions and goings on at Clash #19 in Atlanta

1 - PAULA ABDUL AWARD (shittiest referee) - Pat R. (aka Crippler) Tennessee

2 - DIANA ROSS AWARD (Best Dressed) - Jason M. (aka Slater Jackson) Washington

3 - BIGGEST HEEL - Dave M. (aka Ace King) Nevada

4 - BIGGEST JOBBER - Chinlock (Canada)

5 - SPONSORS AWARD - Mike B. (aka Carolina Mike) Canada

6 - MOST IMPROVED WRESTLER - Ed F. (aka Jack Bouvier) Indiana

7 - MATCH OF THE YEAR - Todd C., Minnesota vs Angel C., Pennsylvania -- submission match

8 - ZUCCHINI BOY - Ben C. (aka Buzz Jackson) Georgia.

9 - BATTLE ROYAL WINNER  - Scott N., Illinois


10 - LIGHT WEIGHT DIVISION - Todd C., Minnesota

11 - MIDDLE WEIGHT DIVISION - Scott K., New York


13 - TITAN DIVISION - Tony G., Missouri

14 - OVERALL CHAMPION - Tony G., Missouri


15 - TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS - Verne A. (aka Mighty Mongo) Ohio  and Bob A. (aka Rasslorbear) California

16 - PRO SINGLES CHAMPION - Dave M. (aka Ace king) Nevada

17 - MOST INSPIRATIONAL WRESTLER - Tony G., Missouri (Award voted on by the wrestlers)

18 - WRESTLER OF THE YEAR - Scott N., Illinois

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